• Tired of being a landlord and want an easier way to make money with your property with less hassle?
  • Need a little income on the house that is  sitting vacant– until you are ready to sell?
  • Can’t sell that house as fast as you want?
  • Want to make a little extra money and rent a room in your home

Let me show you how!  Contact me and I will do a complimentary cost analysis to show you how much MORE you would make by turning your rental into a Corporate or Vacation Rental. If you choose– I can set up the entire listing for a one time consultant fee.

Shirley@scdRealEstateConsultingServices.com or 704-458-3220

Take advantage of these special offers 

  • ·Complete Air BnB set up for a ROOM: Provide all knowledge and get you completely  optimized and set up on Air BnB:  $298.50
  • Complete Air BnB set up for a HOME:  Provide all knowledge and expertise to set up your home for Air BnB, and do complete listing. $498.50

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Take an Air Bnb course and learn all the tips and tricks here: http://bit.ly/2gilsOQ