SCD Real Estate Consulting wants to Give Back.

Giving Back: We believe it’s important to have reason “WHY” we exist. We want to do our small part in changing the world for the better. We want to be a business with a cause… a reason to exist.Giving Back- SCD Real Estate Consulting wants to give back with 10% of our profits

Our tagline is Turning Dreams into Reality through Real Estate. We do this by providing great priced houses for first time home owners, investors and others.

We wanted to take this a step farther and donate at least 10% of all profits, yearly, to provide a house for someone that can’t afford to purchase a home themselves.

We have also joined Evolved Enterprise CO|alition to unite with other like minded businesses that want to make a difference, and the opportunity to support other entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Evolved Enterprise and SCD Real Estate Consulting- business for good